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Things to expect from a trusted buyer when selling your gold

  • June 27, 2021
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Things to expect from a trusted buyer when selling your gold

Selling your gold has never been easier. With the prices of the precious metal hitting records almost every day, and with uncertainty and fear continuing to roil the Indian financial markets amid COVID19 situation, the trusted buyer of gold is ready to pay the best price for coins, jewelry or bars you care to par with.

Getting a reliable merchant for selling gold on the first note would only be possible if you expect following things from a trusted buyer-

A confirmed physical address-

Trust builds when you physically communicate with the brand. Even though you have a virtual presence, indeed need in the current marketing circumstances, you should have physical address for your business. If the query is made online, you can openly ask the customer to visit your jewelry outlet.

Trusted Buyer for gold

Trust is an imperative factor for a jewelry business. Since, jewelry is identical to gold in India, people look for recommendations or search reviews online to reach a well-known jewelry outlet. Trusted buyer of gold has been in the business for years, and built an amazing credibility with its transparency, and professionalism. Every customer is a relation for us and we look forward to grow to the strongest. They offer the most righteous price for the precious commodity.

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Transparent Buying Practices

When you are looking for a trusted buyer of gold, this factor remains vital and useful. If you look around the jewelry market, you will identify that buyers for gold always maintain transparency through the gold buying procedure. One of them providing genuine information for buying gold. When you find a transparent and trusted buyer of gold, selling your gold gets easier. The transparent buyer always shows professionalism.

Professional Buyer of Gold

You would have a bucket of questions to ask your buyer of gold. Remember, unprofessional people won’t entertain your questions to the deepest. They may get puzzled with your queries. But, the trusted buyer of gold has a team of professionals who hold several years of experience. This factor also stands crucial to experience the most trusted valuation of your gold. The professionals will guide you about the true process conducted for buying gold.

Process to Sell Gold with the Trusted Buyer of Gold

Step 1- Collect the gold jewellery or coins you want to sell and keep aside all the pertaining bills of those ornaments. Remember, bills are not compulsory as it will act as a reference point for the weights and purities.

Step 2- Visit our office and show your gold for evaluation. Once the ornaments & their weights are noted & recorded, we will give you an initial estimation. Once you approve, we shall go for testing the gold using our karat meter testing machine to find out the exact purities present in the gold ornaments. We would like to notify you that other elements such as Beads, Enamel, Stones, wax will have no value. The test time for every article may take up to a minute.

Step 3- Once the test results are published, the valuator will log it into our system, and an auto-generated final valuation report will be displayed. On acceptance, your payment will be made to you either by Cash* / Neft or Rtgs.

Immediate Payment- With us, you can remain assured about the instant payment for your gold ornaments. We make no delay in paying our customers once both parties have come to the same page. As mentioned above, we will pay you through these payment options.

With us, selling ornaments manufactured from gold would never be a problem. We would do our best to make your deal smoother and quicker than ever. Then, you need to be ready from your side with all papers mentioned. You can sell your gold jewelry at the most suitable price with us.

Prices of gold fluctuate and thus keeping one price in the opinion would never give you the right price. We suggest you to check the summary of price details of gold on a particular day.

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