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Is Investing in Digital Gold a Better Option than Real Gold

  • March 07 , 2022
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Is Investing in Digital Gold a Better Option than Real Gold

For centuries, people have been investing in gold, and it has remained one of the most popular assets in any economy.There are other ways to invest in gold besides actual, physical gold. In recent years, the digital revolution has spread to the gold market as well.

Consequently, this has led to the introduction of a new type of investment known as digital gold. Many fintech companies and jewelers are working to entice first-time buyers of gold to use the digital gold route to purchase yellow metal in a convenient manner.

Smart Way of Investment

A clever approach to investing in gold is through digital gold. It's great for people who want the advantages of investing in gold while still having the convenience of receiving physical delivery. It is a secure, easy, and hassle-free method of accumulating gold, with the option of delivery later.

Digital gold integrates the convenience and speed of the internet with the security and safety of conventional gold purchases. Digital gold is a safer and more cost-effective investment alternative. However, if you are planning to buy for jewelry purposes, then undoubtedly, physical gold is the best.

Digital gold is an excellent choice if you have complete control over its usage in the future. The purpose may be either for gifting, personal jewelry, investment, or as collateral.

Benefits of Investing in Digital Gold


Digital gold can be purchased using different types of mobile wallets, UPI apps, banks, and other fintech firms. All of this may be done from the comforts of your own home.


When you go to sell your physical gold, they are subjected to authenticity checks, and most merchants will offer you a lesser price than the market rates. Consequently, the selling price is lower than the purchasing price. You can easily sell digital gold online 24/7, and that too at real-time pricing. This implies you can not only buy but also sell digital gold without any kind of hassle. Additionally, this also ensures complete transparency in the trade of digital gold.


Digital gold acts as a flexible instrument for starting a SIP or buying even for a small amount, depending on the customer's financial capability.

Easy & Safe Possession

Digital gold investments do not come with any additional carrying charges. Investors do not need to be concerned about the safety of gold because it is kept in a secure vault by the entities

Easy Redemption

At the time of redemption, digital gold, like physical gold, is subject to capital gains tax. The procedure of redeeming digital gold is simple and quick, and it can be done with physical gold bars or coins. Digital gold investments can also be cashed out quickly and without difficulty.

Continual Monitoring

Online platforms make it simple for investors to keep track of their digital gold assets. They may also quickly analyze the performance of their investment and acquire significant insights. This shall help in preparing for future digital gold investments.

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Is Digital Gold Outdoing Physical Gold?

Impurities are a common problem with physical gold. Furthermore, purchasing actual gold requires substantial making charges. Aside from certain taxes, a digital gold account is absolutely free of cost

Importantly, the cost of digital gold is the same all around the country. As a result, you can buy and sell gold online at real-time market values. You can also sell your gold back to the platform digitally at any time without incurring any fees. When redeeming actual gold in this manner, most of the companies enable doorstep delivery for a modest fee. Furthermore, as opposed to physical gold, digital gold may be purchased in much smaller denominations.

Whether you acquire digital gold directly or through a partner platform, the entities that offer it serve as custodians of your earned gold. The job to oversee the condition and operation of vaults lies in the hands of the trustee. The ownership of your accumulated gold does not shift to the partnering service provider or the custodian at any stage.

Asset for Hedging

An optimal investment portfolio is one that is well-balanced. No wonder digital gold aids in portfolio diversification. Correspondingly, this protects against volatility, currency fluctuations, and inflation risk. Both digital and physical gold have fors and againsts. Indeed, it totally depends upon the investor's choice of investment and the intent behind the investment. Digital gold, in fact, is an unregulated domain. Furthermore, it has a time limit on how long it can be held in digital form. Still, investing in digital gold is a great idea.

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